Please be quiet. Do not wake him up.

2008 remake of the Larry Cohen's 1974 horror film.


I beg and you shame me?

Rham Jas: You'd be surprised what you'll be willing to do, when the Lamia comes for you.

Bastante comica y muy MUY asquerosa.


I need you hopeless.

Needy Lesnicky: You're killing people?
Jennifer Check: No. I'm killing boys.


Terror, cero... pero es muy divertida.


Somethings cannot be explained

'One bright day in the middle of the night, two dead boys got up to fight. Back to back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. A deaf policeman heard the noise and came and killed those two dead boys'.


Is there someone inside you?

Chris MacNeil: What are you doing here?
Regan MacNeil: My bed was shaking. I can't get to sleep.


Whatever you do don't fall asleep.

One, two, Freddy's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, better stay awake.
Nine, ten, never sleep again.


Have the lambs stopped screaming?

Hannibal Lecter: [on telephone] I do wish we could chat longer, but... I'm having an old friend for dinner. Bye.
Clarice Starling: Dr. Lecter?... Dr. Lecter?...